Tuesday, May 08, 2012

In Which We Are Sick

"Breakfast in Bed" by Mary Cassatt

I've been sick for a week now, a few of the sick kids in our family have recovered, my tiny girls have fevers, and HALF of my cast-- including our Tevye, Golde, my Lliam, and Lazar Wolf-- are not able to talk or sing at present.

Did I mention the show opens on THIS Friday?

I was able to speak at the Forum this past weekend, but only just. I think at least one of my recordings will be unusable. :-p (Darn coughing fit!)

I sit here hardly able to breathe, my throat feeling like I've swallowed shards of glass.

We need a miracle.

And since I know the power of prayer and have experienced first hand the awesome effect that faithful friends can have, I humbly ask any who can to please send up a little prayer or two...




  1. Praying you all feel better soon! The same thing is going on around here - kids with fevers and coughs ~

  2. Oh no! Our prayers are added to yours. That is a lot of pressure to get the play on stage despite all the sickness. :-(

    I heard the "Valley" is sick right now...maybe I will not go down anytime soon. Of course, it will be here in a few weeks.


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