Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Education, not Schooling

Oh, I LOVE this quote by one of my favorite homeschool advocates!
"...if we're going to change what's rapidly becoming a disaster of ignorance, we need to realize that the institution "schools" very well, but it does not "educate"; that's inherent in the design of the thing. It's not the fault of bad teachers or too little money spent. It's just impossible for education and schooling to be the same thing."
--John Taylor Gatto, "Why Schools Don't Educate"

And, no-- no baby yet...! 

Love, Mama Rachel

Monday, September 10, 2012

Coming and Going

Mildred and Aldie, 2011

Pregnancy Update

Today I reached the 37 weeks mark-- and I am feeling it! I'm trying to decide if it's a blessing that we forget the discomfort of those last few weeks or not. All the aches and pains DO help me become more willing to face labor and childbirth, however. And that's good-- right?

What happens at 37 Weeks...

I've pulled out and washed all the baby clothes and blankets, bought newborn diapers, and even set up the baby crib (by myself!). I've got the birth pool and about half of the items on my home birth supply list. (The most important of which is the birth kit.)

The baby is moving well, and his head has settled right where it's supposed to be-- much to the chagrin of my bladder. The midwives think he was right around 7 lbs. at my last appointment. I guess we shall see! (Some days, he's feeling more around 20lbs., but that's just me...)

Endings and Beginnings

In the midst of everything, Russell's sweet grandpa is not doing well, and may be passing on soon. He's been in poor health for a long time, and we want him to be free from pain, but we know how much he'll miss his sweetheart. Thankfully, fragile Grandma now has some help coming in for him, so she's not trying to care for him on her own any more.

They both mean so much to me! I tease Russell that I married him because of that sweet couple, and while that's not completely true, it was the visit to meet them that helped me see the possible future I could have with Russell. They are some of the most accepting, loving people I have ever known. Their example has been such a comfort and joy to me.

Grandpa and Grandma met at a county fair talent show, and they have always sung together. (Grandpa was a member of a family cowboy band, and toured with his dad and brothers for years. His nephews grew up to be members of the "The Lettermen.")

The only thing Grandpa has ever asked of our family, is that we sing to him. So whenever we visit, we all gather around his bed and sing him a song or two. Then, when it's time to leave, he asks us to please record some songs for him. And we FINALLY recorded one the other day! (Follow the link below.)

Homeward Bound

He also asked us to sing at his funeral, with a specific song in mind. I'm working at arranging it for our family to sing, but it's been an emotional thing for me. I don't want him to go! And so I'm kinda blocked on doing it. :-(

I am also afraid that we're going to miss it! I can't travel this late in pregnancy, and Russell doesn't feel like he can leave, either. So we need to record the song, and at least send it to be heard at the funeral, if Grandpa leaves us before we can make it up there. Not fun things to think about!

So you can see why my thoughts on this new baby coming and Grandpa going are so intertwined-- a beginning and an ending that stay in my mind constantly.

37 weeks.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Homeschool Advice

"The true picture of the effective home teacher is more often a secure and happy mom. She and the children do straightening up chores the first thing each day so that the home with provide an organized, clean environment for learning. She selects learning tasks for which each child is ready. She requires only enough daily practice or drill to allow her children to progress appropriately to mastery of basic skills. Fun projects are used to integrate and reinforce basic skills. And much of the day is framed around the children's interests with work and service that build genuine golden rule citizens,"  

~The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook, Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Thoughts on Light

These beautiful videos touched my heart and illuminated my mind today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. :-)

Hugs, Mama Rachel