Opinion Essays

"Psst! She's really opinionated!"

Because this is my family blog, I usually write about daily life in my family. BUT, there are times when I feel an essay come over me, and I just have to share it here.

I've recently had friends and acquaintances asking about a few of these impulsively-written essays, because they really are hard to find in the midst of all the other things I blog about. I thought it might be helpful to include a list of the opinion essays I've written here on a page all its own. (More of my highly-opinionated essays can also be found at my other blog, "Old-Fashioned Motherhood" and at the Latter-day Homeschooling blog.)

Here are the links to my opinion essays on this blog:

Why Do So Many Women Reject Motherhood?

Why I'm Quitting Facebook

I love having you here! And I love to read your comments, so be sure to share your thoughts with me, too!