Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little Girl Funnies

Grayse and Ava just before Grayse blew out her candles

Life is still going by in a rush (Less than a week until our first dress rehearsal!), but I wanted to take a minute to record some of the cute and funny things the little ones have been saying lately. (I sure wish I had done this more when my big kids were tiny!)

Miss Ava 

Avalon, when asked about a bruise on her head:
"When I was in a war, I jumped over a train track, but I tripped."
Most of her explanations for things are pretty elaborate and exciting! She sure has a vivid imagination!

Grayse Dawn on her 5th Birthday

Grayse has recently been using the theme "When I'm a mom...":
"When I'm a mom, I will eat sugar!" (Yes, I'm still off sugar, and it really confuses her.)
"I hate tuna now, but when I'm a mom, I'll eat it."
"When I'm a mom, I will live in a mansion."
"When I'm a mom, I will have fifteen kids!'
"When I'm a mom, I'll live in Utah. But I'll drive to Arizona in a car to see you."
"When I'm a mom, I'm gonna fly in a airplane." 
"When I'm a mom, I'll make a strawberry smoothie all by myself." 
"When I'm a mom, my kids are gonna have chocolate ice cream and cherry pie!"
"When I'm a mom, I'm gonna have a garden backyard."
"When I'm a mom, I'm going to have TWO dogs and TWO cats." 

This theme really is being used for pretty much anything and everything around here these days. I'm getting some great insight into what I'm doing that's "wrong," what I'm doing "right." LOL!

Miss Eryn loves babies! 

Eryn is talking and talking and talking! She will say almost anything the kids tell her to say. She is super smart, and that gets her in LOTS of trouble daily!

Her recent excursions include:
  • Painting her toenails (and Mama's bed) with Mama's nail polish
  • Climbing up on top of the girls' dresser to get into big sister Morganne's beads and throw them all over the girls' room.
  • Climbing on to the sink counter to get into the big girls' lipstick which ended up on the girls' carpet. (I got it out, luckily!)
  • Reaching up to the top of a tall bookcase to get into Bonny's craft supplies. Blue acrylic paint on the carpet and on the bathroom sink is pretty! (I got it out, too!)
  • Moving chairs to reach anything and everything on the counter in the kitchen. She likes to grab fist-fulls of the cooling desserts she finds there! (And then she finds herself in bed early.)
I think we'll stop there, for now. Life is never dull at our house when we have such cute, busy little girls! They're excited to go with us to rehearsal today to play in "The Nursery." Thank goodness for parent volunteers! 

And I look forward to the rest of the week of no more rehearsals... until next Monday.

Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. I love the "When I'm a mom..." statements. Isn't it true that we all did that? We all looked at our life and thought..."Hmmm, I can see some things I'm gonna do different." LOL!

    You are a great mom! Just the fact that she has been taught she will be a mom, and that will be a wonderful thing, has made her think about her future motherly role so much.

  2. Hee hee! Avalon sounds just like Lily! But Lily was "When I WAS a mommy, I ..." like she's been there, done that :) It's just too funny to hear the way their brains work, isn't it? It's a good thing your Eryn and my James haven't gotten together yet - he's a quick climber, too, and I can only imagine the kind of mischief they would get into!


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