Saturday, May 28, 2011

Life after the Shakespeare Play

The Cast of "The Comedy of Errors"
I think it's finally sinking in that the show is over.


For a number of reasons, this was the most STRESSFUL time I've ever had directing a show. BUT, it was still wonderful; I love all my actors and their parents, and I think they still love me, so it's all good. *wink*

Some of the gorgeous girls in our show
I am especially pleased with how the costumes turned out. We had some great seamstresses helping us! (Thank you Mom, Heather, Toni, Staci, Audrey,and Samantha! Oh, and I sewed some, too.)

Here are some photos of the cast in action on stage, as well as goofing off. I'm sure going to miss these kids!!!

Brennan as Antipholus of Syracuse being tied up by Madame Pinch's "Minions"

Bonny, Alyssa, Rebecca and Carli

"Satan, avoid!"

Beautiful "sisters"

"I'm not mad, you doting witch"

"'My Gold,' quoth he!"

About this year's show:

We set Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors" in 1774 Jamaica, and it was SO FUN!!! The cast did great, and we had some wonderful audiences. I'm tired, and a bit relieved it's all over, but at the same time, I miss all my actors and the team we formed these last few months.

I love you, YES Kids!!! See you at the cast party!!!

Mrs. K.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Ballerina Bonny

Miss Bonny Dianne, Age 12
First of all, I can't believe how grown up my pretty little Bon-bon is getting. This year she started attending Mutual (our church's youth group), studied hard in her Constitution and American History studies, as well as Shakespeare. She got more serious with her ballet lessons, and she will attend her first Girls' Camp in a couple weeks. She cooks, she cleans, she does laundry, and she keeps me organized.

Long ago, before I became pregnant with Bonny, I had three little kids, ages 3 and under. I wanted to wait before the next baby-- I wasn't sure I "could handle" any more. In truth, I just was feeling selfish and wanted to get back to my own interests in performing and directing shows. But the Spirit kept telling me there was a little girl waiting to come. After raving and complaining for a while, I finally received a priesthood blessing from my husband, and in it, the Lord told me that I should NOT delay in getting pregnant, and I was was promised that "This next child will be a great blessing to you and your family."

And she IS!!! Oh, how grateful I am that I followed the Lord's counsel to me, and welcomed this beautiful daughter into our family circle. She blesses us and brings us joy daily. I can't wait to see what her future holds for her!

Here are two videos of her recent ballet recital. I'm so proud of how hard she worked, and how responsible she is! I am also so pleased that she decided to be modest, and wore a skin-colored leotard under her regular costume. I think she was much more comfortable than the other girls because she didn't have to worry about showing too much. :-)