Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Merry Month of May

Fun at the Cast Party

The play may be over, but time marches on. I must admit I've been enjoying the luxury of taking an afternoon nap each day, in an attempt to finally kick this nasty illness I've had for four weeks.

Bonny (2nd from left) with her classmates and her beloved teacher, Chandler (far right)

Bonny had her ballet recital and once again did a lovely job. She was only in one number this year, but she loved her gorgeous costume. (She's on the far right throughout most of the number.)

The kids have been missing their "Fiddler" buddies-- there's always a sag in spirits after a show ends. But they are excited for their classes to pick up again in the Fall. We've been bracing for the summer heat, but had a pleasant surprise of mild weather today. The high is only going to be in the mid-eighties!

Didn't she do a good job?

Bonny had a great idea for a Young Women's project last week: She decided to cut out and sew swim skirts for our little girls, and one for herself. (WITHOUT a pattern.) I wasn't necessarily ready to give a sewing lesson, but as usually happens with our Miss Bon, she will plow through and bug Mama until she gets the help she needs. What a clever girl!

Lovely Bonny Dianne
(Yes, she is wearing a flesh-colored leotard under her costume. So much more comfortable for her!)

I am looking forward to a weekend of rest and projects. I need to finish writing for our Commonwealth School website and Russell is checking items off his "Honey-Do" list. (YAY!) Then he and I will finish up the website together. We WILL meet our deadline!


Love, Rachel


  1. Busy, busy, busy....but FUN too. Your family is so talented! Awesome job everyone! I wish we could have seen the play.

  2. Thanks, Celeste! Let us know when you come down to the Valley next.(Though you probably have no plans to come down into the heat anytime soon! LOL!) We want to see you guys!!! *muah*


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