Sunday, May 21, 2006

Why do so many women reject motherhood?

Today I read an article that is really disconcerting to me: (see below),2933,196367,00.html
"' If you're choosing contraception, then there's not a lot of point to having periods,' says Dr. Leslie Miller, a University of Washington-Seattle researcher and associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology..."

"According to Miller, modern women endure up to nine times more periods than their great-grandmothers, who began menstruating later, married young and naturally suppressed periods for years while they were pregnant or breast-feeding. Today's women may have about 450 periods. "

This makes me so sad! :-( It's not that I think having a period is such a wonderful experience, but it is a natural process every woman should go through, to remind her that she is a woman, a future mother. It just makes my heart ache to see another example of women rejecting motherhood for the sake of convenience and frivolity.

Just last week, at a RS Humanitarian Night, some of the women were talking about Michelle Duggar and her family, and said how shocked they were that she still would want more. :( Our family is literally the largest in the ward, and though I know they weren't trying to be offensive, it hurt. How must Heavenly Father and His waiting children feel to hear women say such things? I feel it is a priviledge to be a mother, and I now wish I had stood up and said something... :-(

To my mind, it is a terribly tragic trend-- especially since so many women in the Church are subscribing to these philosophies. :-( Is our eternal perspective so narrow that we think only of today and our own convenience? Selfishness has become a virtue...

And besides the spiritual ramifications, what will the physical consequences be??? That is frightening to me, as well! What happens to our bodies when they cannot purge themselves?

I gladly welcome all the spirits that the Lord has for me to raise. I consider them jewels in my crown. Is it easy? Of course not. But that does not give me a reason to tell the Lord that my plan is better than His!

Another angle on this subject was written as an editorial in USA Today back in March.

So who will raise the children of the future? Only those who choose to have children. Those who embrace motherhood! And what will we teach OUR children? I am teaching my daughters that motherhood is the sweetest reward a woman can have. What about the women who reject motherhood? Who will they pass their teachings on to?

It seems the future may be on our side after all...

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