Friday, May 07, 2010

Wednesday Pregnancy Report-- on Friday

(Yes, I deserve a "Time Out". Does that mean I get a nap?)


Okay, so I realized late last night that I never posted my Wednesday Pregnancy report this week.


But then, Wednesday was a CRAZY day here at our house, so I have loads of excuses I won't bore you with right now. *wink*

Baby's been moving a lot, and that's good, though I'm becoming more and more uncomfortable. Earlier this week, it felt like the baby moved down much lower, so no more crossing of the legs for the remaining weeks! My hips are loosening up, so sleeping/rolling over are becoming a bit more complicated. Typical last month stuff!

My daily goals include the following:
  • Drinking 8 full glasses of water (I'm not so good at this, yet...)
  • Eat some dark green leafy veggies every day (I am finding that fresh spinach is my friend. I add it to smoothies, eat it as a salad, or include it in omelets. Yum!)
  • Pregnancy Tea (I make sure I drink at least one mug full a day. I use the "Traditional Medicinal" blend and really like the flavor. This is one goal that's pretty easy!)
  • Eat at least 2 Eggs each day (This is another easy goal. There's nothing better than a two egg omelet cooked with onions sauteed in real butter, with cheese and fresh spinach added.)
  • More fresh fruit and veggies (Lovely!)
  • Exercise (Okay, so this one is still not easy for me. I won't be doing pilates or kickboxing any time soon, but I am trying to go walking in the neighborhood and doing more things outside like pulling weeds, etc.. Definitely room for improvement here!)
I did update my baby ticker here in the left-hand column, so it's now accurate. (See-- I can get some things done once in a while! ;-D)

But I still say that "due-dates" are a joke and I refuse to believe in them.



  1. LOL I didn't realize we have the same "due date" (which I agree is silly - baby will come when baby is ready). I need to be better about drinking more water and eating spinach. I love spinach, and have a whole bunch in the fridge, but I always forget to eat it :)
    Good luck rolling over and getting moving this week!

  2. Oh my heck! I didn't realize we did either! LOL!

    I started adding fresh spinach leaves by the handful to smoothies I make with frozen fruit. It's actually really good!

    Now, water...? I don't know why it's so hard for me to drink more of it. I live in the desert, for pete's sake! :-p

    Thanks for the best wishes! :-)

  3. Due dates are ridiculous! I kept telling all my doctors that I am due two weeks before their dates...I was right on all three.

    Great goals! I am such a bum about setting goals and keeping them. It is probably my worst attribute. I don't even exercise and I'm not pregnant...I am an "excuse giver" in that department.

    I hope all goes well! We'll be in the Valley at the end of May for Sam's graduation. Maybe we can see you guys if you're not giving birth. Good luck!

  4. Celeste: We'd love to see you! E-mail me... ;-) {{{hugs}}}


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