Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Pregnancy Report-- May 26

Well, not too much is going on-- pregnancy-wise. Which is very good. My midwife did mention at my visit on Monday, that this baby will probably be another big one. And seeing how the last two were nine-pounders, that doesn't surprise me. I'm just playing the waiting game, now...

Actually, I have waaay too much to do before the baby arrives, and so I'm not really anxiously waiting. More like trying to get all the things done that I know I won't have time to finish once a newborn enters the picture!

You know, I think after ten babies, that I've finally ingrained in my brain how little I'll be able to do once Baby arrives... That's progress! So to all you mothers out there who want to spend the last month pacing the floor, I'm telling you, get busy NOW, because you won't be able to later! Just a bit of friendly advice from a mom who's been there! ;-)

If you're interested-- or very bored and have nothing better to read-- here's my "To-Do List":
  • Wash all the newborn clothes.
  • Finish rearranging my bedroom to prepare for the birth.
  • Wash all the receiving blankets.
  • Wash the baby carseat cover.
  • Put my house back in order after the kitchen renovation.
  • Laundry... Laundry... Laundry...
  • Make sure the pantry is stocked with everything needed for the menu. (Russell went shopping for me, so I'm not sure what we have and what we still need to get...)
  • Plan the next few Activity Days so I won't need to make decisions as the birth gets closer.
  • Finish planning the family reunion I'm in charge of so I won't have to make last minute decisions with a newborn.
  • Finalize planning for the Homeschool classes we'll be starting in the Fall. (Location, marketing, enrollment, double check my teachers, setting up systems...)
  • Work at adjusting my Shakespeare curriculum for the Fall. (Before I forget the stuff I want to change!)
  • Scrub my bathroom.
  • Find my "extra" sheets for the birth.
  • Gather a bunch of clean, fluffy towels for the birth.
  • Figure out how we're going to fill the birth pool.
  • Find my labor music and make sure it's on Russell's I-Pod.
  • Find Russell's I-Pod cord so we can actually use it.
  • Make sure Russell has my "list of approved names," even if he disregards it. ;-D (Just in case, you know...)
  • Find at least ONE girl's name that I like. *sigh*
  • Read LOTS more birth stories for mental preparation.
  • Go through the Sears' "Birth Book" for the nine-hundred-and-fifty-eighth time.
  • Go through my other homebirth/herbal books for the nine-hundred-and-sixtieth time.
  • Drink more water.
  • Make sure I have all the essential oils I'll want or need.
  • Think baby thoughts and get excited!
If I hadn't already taken a nap today, I'd be heading to bed now! Hmmm... See why I'm thinking this baby may never arrive? I simply have too much to do! LOL!

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