Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Third Trimester Stream of Consciousness

I'm now 35-ish weeks pregnant, and feelin' it!

You'd think-- after having done this ten other times-- that I'd be used to the creaky hip joints, the heartburn, the swollen ankles, the crankiness, and the false labor.

You'd think so, wouldn't ya?


So... I'm far from perfect, I'm far from saintly, and I'm far from patient.

It's not that I'm ready for the baby to come-- noooo...

But I would like to no longer feel like the grumpy beached whale I'm morphing into.

And I'm sure my family would concur.

Oh, and just when I think I'm making it through all this third-trimester-drama without sugar, Pioneer Woman has to go and post this recipe:

Granny's Chocolate Cobbler

It's a conspiracy, I tell ya!!!

(Do we have any raisin bran left...? *sob*)


  1. I heard once that pregnancy lasts eight months and a year, and I believe it -- that last month is TOUGH! Hang in there -- just a few more weeks.

  2. It doesn't matter how many times we go through it, pregnancy doesn't get any easier. Actually, I think our bodies begin to feel it more the older we get. My hips were a mess this last pregnancy, till my midwife shared this with me: tie a cloth robe belt snugly around your hips to hold them in place. It worked! Also, I kept reminding myself that this could very well be my last, so I was intent on enjoying being pregnant as much as possible (in spite of hideously swollen legs/ankles, crushing backache and joint pain). Sounds like your sense of humor will carry you through. There's gonna be a new baby in your house soon!

  3. I am with you there. I think the last month of pregnancy is the hardest. In fact, I kind of think it prepares us in a way to add a little more chaos to our lives because at least then we can move.

  4. Thanks, ladies! I appreciate the encouragement and commiserating. :-) {{{hugs}}}


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