Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitchen Renovation!

NOTE: This is just my DREAM kitchen. Not my new one. But I can fantasize... *wink*

So, here's our ACTUAL leaky kitchen story:

Our Pergo floors started seeping water and warping, and it took us a while to find the source-- a pipe in the wall that drained the kitchen sink water into the sewer line. When we took everything out of our lower cabinets and got down to inspect, the wall was coated in mold. Eek! (Well, being pregnant, *I* never get down on the floor to peek in the cabinets! Sheesh! ;-D)

Anyhoo, the pipe got fixed yesterday, (yay!) the cabinets are being ripped out and totally replaced this week, and I'm not sure when the floors will be done. (They ripped up the warped Pergo floors last week.)

Ripped out cabinets, ripped up floor, moldy drywall cut away

This whole thing actually hasn't been a big deal. We're just glad we found the source of the leak and got rid of the mold.

Repaired water line-- YAY!

We are just renting our house, so we won't be picking out the new cabinets, flooring, or countertops. That will be our landlord's job. (Though I imagine his wife might be doing at least some of it!)

I know for sure that they will be replacing ALL the Pergo in the house with tile. (We have it in the kitchen, and some in both the living room and family room, as well as down the hall.) So that's pretty cool!

Here are the current cabinets and counter top.

If I could pick all the colors and patterns out, here are some DREAM examples of what I would choose:

I like the look and feel of wood floors, but I've had them before, and it was HARD to keep them dry and clean! The tile floors they're putting in will be nice!

But I love the white cabinets here and the black island with granite counter top.

I'm afraid Russell would feel this kitchen is too "precious", but I love the distressed cabinets and the antiques. White cabinets, again-- yes...

Here's another view of the first kitchen picture I posted at the beginning of this blog entry. White cabinets: check. Tile floor: check. Granite Countertops: check. European elegance: check. Two ovens: CHECK! ;-)

This next week should be a bit crazy with my kitchen being pulled apart and put back together, but I'll be excited to show you the results of the renovation! :-)

Stay tuned...


  1. You are mighty calm for a woman who is about to be without a kichen for a time. Good for you! I LOVE the old-timey kitchen too, but I'd take the more modern one as well. Hope you like the new look.

  2. Oh I love white cabinetry too!

    In fact I love anything that has that white antique look. We have bookcases from Ikea like it. When we first bought them, for a few weeks after installing them, I could often be found sitting there in front of them, just gazing at their beauty. LOL And I love beautiful white bedroom furniture and I have even seen a beautiful white antique looking kitchen table before.

    And those big square stone sinks and double ovens and polished wooden floors! Yes, love em!

    ....think I need to get a grip of myself now before I become truly covetous! LOL

  3. I love that first picture, too. I can't wait to see the "after" pictures. Love you!

  4. I hate living through renovations...and you've already done that a lot! At least you are not paying for it. Hopefully it will go easily on your family.


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