Monday, May 03, 2010

Kid Pictures!

Our camera broke a while back, so we've been picture-less for the entire month of April. But I'm happy to report that we bought a cheap digital camera before Russell took off for Drupal-Con in San Francisco. (He couldn't go there for the first time without a camera!)

So, this post is especially for the grandmas and grandpas and other family members out there who are wondering if our children are still growing and healthy. ;-)

Here's Russell with Alcatraz behind him.
(I know he's not a kid, but I think he's pretty dang cute anyway!)

I really don't know where they get it from!
(Oh, wait. Yes, I do.)

Avalon, with her big brother/favorite transportation, Lliam.
(She bosses him around night and day, and the funny thing is, he does whatever she tells him to! *hee!*)

This little girl charms her way into-- and out of-- anything and everything.

Where Brennan studies. (He's working on his Constitution class work in this picture.)

Morganne hates to be interrupted when she's studying cookbooks.

Gavin is immersing himself in our Beatrix Potter collection.

I'll post more pictures of the "middle kids"-- the ones who have a hard time holding still for pictures-- in the next few days. (Oh, ki-ids!!!)


  1. I'm glad to see Morganne shares one of my favorite past times!

  2. Oh, our Miss Morganne has quite a LOT in common with her lovely Aunt Mandy! :-)

  3. Oh fun! I'm glad to see the pics since we don't see you often in the flesh.

    My youth hate having their pictures taken, so I get stares and hands in front of faces all the time. Can't wait to see the "middles" too.

  4. I'm totally with Morganne! If I'm reading through a cookbook, no one can bother me :)
    I love little Avalon, she has gotten SO big! What a sweetie Liam is to dote on her.


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