Saturday, December 08, 2012

Slacking Off

I need to apologize-- I have been sooo neglectful of my blogs! But I always need to readjust after a new baby arrives, and now it's the Christmas season, and I have reached my quota of free picture space on Blogger (Hey, I've been blogging since 2006, ya know...) so that stopped me from updating, and... and...

Yeah, excuses, excuses!

So until I can delete some pictures (gasp!) or somehow figure out stupid Picasa (grumble-grumble), I won't be posting many updates.

I DO think I'll finally publish the draft of my birth story, however, even though it's not very thorough. Who wants to read too many details of a traumatic experience, anyway? Right?


Love you all!!!

Mama Rachel


  1. You know, it's REALLY inexpensive to buy a huge amount of picture storage space. I ran out a while ago with all the picture I do on my blog. I was surprised that paying for a bunch more space wasn't a huge deal.

  2. My friend recently ran out of space on Blogger. She opened a new account and added it to her blog. Now she blogs with the new account, which has plenty of picture space. She can still comment, etc. through her existing account.


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