Monday, February 21, 2011

Talk About Living Simply!

Living Simply-- Is it possible today?

 Oh, my. I totally LOVE this woman's clutter-free, simple-living philosophy:

While I have very different reasons for wanting to live in such a way, and while I could NEVER give up my precious book collection, I do admire what's she's been able to accomplish and I long for her simpler way of living. She's a modern-day Ma Ingalls!!!

Can you imagine how much less stress we'd all have if we lived with LESS STUFF in our lives? I am salivating at the possibilities!

Now, do you think there's any chance I can talk my girls into giving up a ton of clothes and shoes? (I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth even now!) Hmmmm...

To read and watch more about this family's amazing lifestyle, follow more link below:

This calls for more de-cluttering today. (Woo-hoo!!!)


  1. I have a wooden plaque on my wall that says "Live Simply". We are not as good as the family you linked too, but I have been being more conscious of this for a while. I'm finding it very hard to find things that are not wrapped in plastic. I need to find out more about how she purchases her foods. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thanks for sharing. I had fun reading her blog and all her tips and I was amazed how many we are already doing. I'm not going to be giving up my trash can liners but we do use cloth napkins and ceramic plates.

  4. After seeing reference to this video from your blog, I showed it to my husband; we both love it! :D We decided to have a fun and friendly contest of sorts - I declutter the house, while he declutters the shop. :) May the best "man"... I mean, "woman" win! ;D (Actually... I do believe that when it comes to married couples - either both win, or both loose... But secretly, I hope he kicks my bootie! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration! :D



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