Friday, February 04, 2011

What I love about babies

  •  The way they kick and smile when I walk toward them to pick them up.
  • The tiny indentation at the base of their heads-- it's my favorite spot to kiss.
  • The sweet smell of their wee heads.
  • I love it when they learn to clap, and how they do it over and over again, just because they can.
  • Baby-babbling, complete with gurgling and spitting.
  • The way a baby seems to be born knowing how to hug and snuggle.
  • The contentment they feel being held and rocked.
  • Tiny, soft ears. Another great spot to kiss.
  • I love the way they giggle and squeal with delight.
  • Their cleverness in teaching adults the "Oops, I Dropped It Again" Game.
  • Happy kicks, bounces, and rocking back and forth.
  • Pouting lips when they wind up to cry.
  • Tiny tongues. (See the picture above.)
  • Grunts of happiness when they realize they're going to be fed.
  • Soft, squishy, sleeping babies.
  • The way they can relax so completely.
  • The trust, love and adoration they give to the "big people" in their lives.
I love babies. I feel so privileged to be a mother of eleven little ones!


  1. So true! But James squeals with impatience when he realizes I'm about to nurse him - it's adorable. I'm happy my loving hubs agreed we can start trying for another :) (Actually, "happy" is an understatement; I'm over the moon!)

  2. I sure love them too, darn things grow up way too fast thoug:)

  3. Babies are the sweetest! I guess I'll have to wait for the grandbabies to come along....and I can wait for a few more years on that one. :-)

  4. Lovely post. I've been so worried about getting everything for our little one due in a few weeks I've been forgetting the good stuff I have to look forward to. Thanks for the reminder!


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