Friday, February 11, 2011

The Day of the Many Pictures

Sleepy Grayse
 After we came back from our Thanksgiving trip up to Idaho, Avalon promptly took our digital camera in the back yard and broke it.


(Yes, this was right before her second birthday. And CHRISTMAS.)

After two months of no camera (other than Russell's cell phone), we have finally set aside enough money to get a new digital camera. YAY!

And so, I would like to declare today "The Day of the Many Pictures" here at Thoughts from the Hearth. I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as I've enjoyed being able take them again!

I love this man of mine!

Beautiful, shy Didi

Gavin wants to know why I'm taking his picture.

MacKenna LOVES the camera!

Happy Eryn Millie!

Three of my beautiful girls.

Just Ronan

Lovely (though blurry) Avalon

And one more of Baby Eryn-- just because...


  1. Being without a camera is a crisis for me. I am always snapping tons of pictures. I'm so happy that you got a new camera! Does it come with an Avalon warranty? ;-)

  2. If only, Celeste! *sigh* We sure could use an "Avalon Warranty" on a LOT of our stuff right now... *whew!*


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