Saturday, December 04, 2010

Two Years

Oh, my...

 Oh, HELP!

 I'm in trouble.

How could this have happened?

I don't know how we'll all survive this.

The world is suddenly a frightening place.

My sweet Baby Avalon...

has become... 

A Two-Year-Old.

Please send a LARGE emergency supply of patience immediately. (Or a new camera, since ours has now literally "bitten the dust", thanks to said Two-Year-Old.)

Thank you.


  1. Oh the joy of a two year old! My next two year old officially happens in February. He's starting to be a bit two-ish now that his baby brother has arrived - just seeing what things he can do while mom is busy with the baby. He's also still not too sure he likes Nursery at church, but we'll get there, right? Still, it's been a good transition to 6 children so far.

    Did you have any times where it was not an easy thing adding the next baby to the family? A sibling who was not so keen on having a new baby around to take mommy's attention or just one that seemed to be an especially harder adjustment for you, going from 1-2children, or 8-9 children, etc?

  2. What a cutie pie! I will do my best to send you some patience when I have any left over...LOL!

  3. Tristan: I haven't ever really had any noticeable jealousy problems, BUT there have been some difficult transitions. I still think that having three little ones, ages three and younger was one of the hardest parenting times I've ever had. (Numbers 2 and 3 were only 13 months apart, so that had something to do with it!)

    Other difficult transitions were 5 kids (My husband and I didn't have enough hands between us to hold on to kids.) and again with six kids (that was because my oldest turned eight just a month after #6 was born).

    Since then I've had so many big helpers at home (we homeschool), that the transitions have gone rather smoothly.

    Thanks for all your comments, ladies! Aren't the Terrible Twos an adventure?! :-p (I won't even get started on three year olds-- that's a post for another day! *grin8)


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