Thursday, December 09, 2010

Absolutely Adorable!

In my searching online for handmade Christmas gifts, I came across the work of an amazingly talented doll maker!

Could you just die?!?!

Little Jenny Wren Dolls

As we browsed through the pictures of her beautiful work, my girls and I gasped at the computer screen in wonder and delight!

Oh, the "Ooo"s and "Aahhh"s that flowed forth!

And KEEP flowing forth!

My Grayse Dawn has informed me that she will "play with that one, and with that one, and with that one, Mom!"

And because we were so inspired by all of this preciousness...

... the person who has Grayse's name for Christmas, will attempt to create something that we hope she'll love as much as these wonderful Jenny Wren creations!

How to Make a Sock-Doll

Now, if we could just figure out how the extremely talented Jenny Marshall attaches the yarn hair on her dolls...


  1. I saw this Waldorf doll kit and thought I'd pass it on. They also have pre-made hair wigs you can get for your dolls.

    These dolls are so adorable...but in a house of all boys I don't think they'd stay that way for long!

  2. Ooo! I love the idea of the kits! Thank you!!!

    After my friend on Facebook (Hi Tammy!) told me to Google "Waldorf Dolls" I have been going crazy researching these adorable dolls!

    I'd love to get into making them!!! (Like I need another hobby, right? :-p)

    Here are some great links I found:

    Making a Waldorf Doll head-

    Putting the doll together-

    Now, to find some spare time...


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