Thursday, October 01, 2009

Attempting to Take It All In Stride-- and Failing

I grew up in this Frozen Wasteland that some call "Idaho." I know what -27 below days feel like. I spent the bulk of my childhood wishing I lived somewhere else, and yet-- at age 35, with ten kids, and a house that has no working heater-- I am baaaack.

Why? Every day I ask myself "Why?" And every day the answer seems more distant and less accessible.

After living seven glorious years in the warm Arizona sun, I am freezing to death in mere 35 degree weather and rain.

Did I miss the memo that winter arrives here at the end of September?

Just checking.


  1. Oh no! No working heater! Does your wood burning stove help at all? Ours is being repaired on Tuesday so we can use it. But we have a heater!

    I'm not exactly ready for the cold either. The summer here was awesome and I just want to hold on a little longer before needing gloves, hats, boots, and overcoats. We all need winter clothes and I need to start shopping. Too bad I "out grew" my winter clothes from when we lived here before. LOL! I'm sure you are in the same boat with lots of kids needing winter attire!

  2. You are such a sweetheart, Miss Celeste! I was just having a bad day. :-p

    But we now have the heater working! YAY!!!

    And, yes, D.I. and I are going to get to grow even closer as I return there again and again to clothe my little AZ heathens... ;-)


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