Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally Settling In!

I apologize for not updating recently. The basement is almost finished here, and we've finally brought most of our belongings into the house! YAY!!!

The girls room is done, and all 6 girls are snuggled cozily into it. I'm really glad we did so much de-cluttering before we moved, but we could definitely do some more!

Here's some pictures of the paint job in the girls' room:

I also carpeted the girls' room by myself, using carpet my parents have had in their basement for the last couple of years, which they got from my aunt and uncle's house when THEY got new carpet! (Clear as mud? Sorry.) But, apparently, I don't have any pictures of the finished carpet.

As for the yard outside, we waited for a calm, non-windy day, and did THIS:

No, we did NOT burn the house down, we simply burned some big dead evergreen bushes out of our yard.

Here's a better view of what was going on, so you won't think we're super-reckless:

I was standing out there with a hose, wetting down all the things we didn't want burned. Russell and the two big boys were out there with shovels, and we all walked around and around the flames to make sure the fire stayed under control. As cars passed by us, we waved to them, indicating that all was well. It became pretty humorous, as car after car slowed down to see if we were burning down the joint.

Actually, it speaks volumes about how people care about their neighbors around here, and are willing to help others in need-- pretty cool!

In closing-- wait. Did I hear you say that you needed to see some more pictures of our darling baby? Our #10 child? The High Empress of this household?

Alright. I can do that:

I'm always happy to oblige, you know... ;-D


  1. I love the pink! It's my favorite color, you know, but I can't get away with painting a room pink with Mark around. And I am very anxious to see a picture of the carpet you laid yourself! I am very impressed! Love you!

  2. The room looks great! You are quite the wonder woman carpeting it yourself. I'm not that ambitious.

    We did a controlled burn here and had people on the highway staring (you know how close we are to the highway). We called the fire department before burning so that if anyone DID call they would not send out a fire truck. ;-)

  3. Your baby is soooooo cute!

    Actually I would have thought people around here would have been used to people burning - farmers do it all the time around here. Weird....


    BTW - I'm jealous - we've never had a landlord that let us paint anything other than white or brown... bah! Boring!!!


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