Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little House in the Big Weeds-- Part Two

Well, we're in the middle of more adventures! Friday morning, our water heater decided to quit working. *sigh* The plumber was supposed to come Friday evening, but he never showed up. So we waited all day Saturday (yesterday) and Russell heated up water on the stove and did the dishes while I was painting primer on the walls downstairs.

Then, because it looked like the plumber was not going to make it, I loaded ALL the kids in the van and took off to my parents house to use their hot water for baths and showers. My mom and dad were so patient and kind with us as we took over both their bathrooms-- as well as the kitchen sink. (Baby's bath) But we all emerged clean, loaded up the van with soggy towels and squeaky-clean kids, and drove home late last night.

About 2 minutes after we got back, the plumber drove up. He and Russell got the radiant heating's water heater hooked up. (The plumber couldn't find his correct tool to look at the regular water heater.) So, we DO have hot water today. Thank goodness!

I think I'll tackle the dishes after lunch...

Here are some recent pictures of our still-unfinished basement. (I can't wait until they're the "before" pictures!):

The drywalling is done and waiting for texture.
(This room will be our Family/School Room.)

Rooms, left to right: future bathroom, boys room, girls' room


  1. I admire what a hard worker you are and the way you're making the best of a trying situation!

  2. Wow! You weren't kidding about this move being your pioneer saga. What will be next? I eagerly await the next chapter, hoping it won't be another trial, but a HUGE payoff for you all! Love you lots!

  3. I love to see/hear how it's going--glad you've got hot water again!

  4. Yikes! Your house is truly a trial...not to mention all the hard labor you are putting forth to get it livable. I had to laugh that Russel is doing dishes while you paint. LOL! We are that kind of couple too.

    Did you get a new van or resurrect the old one? My van is getting up there in miles and I keep praying, "Don't break down until after our tax return!" (I know, that is a long time from now, but it is the next foreseeable time we MIGHT have money.)

  5. Hey Rachel! Looks like you have and action packed life!! It's been so long since we've made contact. It sounds like you live close to I.F. so I'll have to swing by next time we are around. My blog is private so email me and I'll send you an invite.


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