Saturday, August 22, 2009

His words make me feel beautiful

Tonight, I read an article on, and it's still sinking in for me.

My husband is so good to me. He tells me I'm beautiful-- something I always wanted to be, though never have been. But I know he's telling the truth, because I'm beautiful to HIM.

The following article talks about this kind of thing much better than I can, but I just have to say how grateful I am that my husband, really and truly, thinks I'm beautiful.

And he's wonderful enough to tell me so. :-)

(Read the article below-- I know you'll love it!)


  1. I agree with your husband. You are beautiful. :)

    Thank you for sharing the article!

  2. I love that article. I posted it on my facebook so I could read it over again. Every time I read it I cry! So sweet!


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