Friday, September 04, 2009

Little House in the Big Weeds-- Part One

Because this "moving-to-the-country" experience has been so life-changing for me, I decided that I really should record the lessons I'm learning. So, here is Part One of our experiences adapting from a big city family, to a country-living one.

First, I got an e-mail from a dear friend in AZ, informing me that she had a brother-in-law with a house on 5 acres that needed to rent it to someone at the beginning of August. I was definitely intrigued! So I called Dustin and found out that we had been acquainted with his wife Lindy when we had lived in Arizona. Very cool! We went and looked at the house. Here are the pics from that first tour.

Russell in the Kitchen

The lovely Living Room

The Master Bath

It was not yet finished, and that really concerned me, but Dustin was working day and night to get it done before they had to move. We had a month to think about it, and decide if we really were ready to move out in the toolies, and tackle five acres. Prayer and pondering commenced!

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