Monday, August 03, 2009

Me and Ma Ingalls

We got us a house!!!

After staying with my parents for a full month now, we get to move into a house of our own. *joy and rejoicing* (Well, we're renting it, so technically, it's not ours. But, whatever.)

It's a little cabin-- oops! I mean, log home-- in the sticks, just over the county line. Ma Ingalls would LOVE it!

I like calling it a cabin, even if, technically, it's not, because it's not a second vacation home somewhere in the wilderness. As I stated earlier, WHATEVA!

I am going to christen my new little abode "Thistledown Lodge."

Quaint, yes?

We almost dubbed it "Little House in the Big Weeds," but decided that would be too negative of a name. And we want the big weeds to go away-- not stick around. Law of attraction and all that.

"Thistledown Lodge" makes the weeds just sound so much more romantic, don't you think?

Well, I do.

I don't have a picture of the outside yet, so here is what our new little house looks like in my mind's eye:

I think Ma Ingalls would love it almost as much as I do.

(I'm just so grateful it doesn't have dirt floors. Ma Ingalls may be able to handle that, but not this princess!)

Maybe me and Ma don't have so much in common after all.



  1. How fun! We've rented some great little places I think Ma Ingalls would have liked too.
    Tomorrow we close on this:

    You've got me thinking of names for my little farm....

  2. that is so funny! I love how it looks in your minds eye-can't wait to see the real thing! happy for you to have your own place!

  3. love it! good luck with the move--and send real pictures soon!


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