Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Family Vignette

Just some random family photos and thoughts for the day...

Morgie did not want her picture taken. I made her hold still and show off how cute she looked in her outfit that day. She thinks her mother is silly. And she's RIGHT.

This child, my "benevolent dictator," is not prone to drama at all. Nope.

Our Funny Man, Lliam. What more is there to say?

Bon-bon was born to dance. I'm thinking she might even be ready for lessons soon.
(I have pretty strong opinions about parents providing too many activities for really young kids. But she's 10 now, so I'm looking for a ballet class to fit her needs. Excitement and rejoicing at our house!)

Gavin wants to be a Jedi.

Serious Miss Dee-dee wants to follow in Bonny's dancing footsteps. We shall see...

Ronan being silly!
(His brother took this picture. I'm sure he would have been too shy to make this face for me.)

Our "Terrible Two": the most adorable trouble-makers you will ever meet!

Miss Ava was soooo tired.
("Mom, cut it out with the pictures. How about putting me to bed, already?")

Mommie-hood is just the bestest.


  1. My son was impressed that you have a jedi too...we have a "gidewan" in training too. What an awesome family...and you are exactly right - mommy-hood is an amazing thing!

  2. You have got great kids! I have seen the look Avalon was giving on Lily a few times :) darn paparazzi!

  3. Your kids are soo cute! I love all the websites and blogs you have led me to thankyou! I just have to say you remind me sooooo much of my oldest sister who is also one of my closest sister and definitly a mentor of mine. Anyway, I saw that you have recently read the duggar book. Did you like it? I loved it! I got so many ideas. My favorite books are ones about families with alot of kids. I have a huge list of them. The Duggars was one of my favorites.


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