Monday, June 01, 2009

Avalon's Blessing Day

(All photos in this post taken by the wonderfully talented and amazing Jill Rich.)

On May 2nd, 2009, our little Miss Avalon finally received a baby blessing and had her name placed on the church records.

It was a quiet affair, since we don't live close to family,
with only Russell, the bishopric, and Brother Brady Eaves in the circle.
(Well, quiet except for the part where Avalon decided she wanted to scream in protest... Her blessing was rather short as a result.)

This blessing dress is very very special to me. My Southern gentleman grandfather ("Big Daddy") bought this cotton, hand embroidered dress for me when I was born, and I wore it at my own baby blessing. Then, my two younger sisters, Gina and Abby, also wore it. When I had my first baby girl, I didn't want to use any other dress for my precious Morganne,
so she was blessed in it, too.

Since then, all 6 of my daughters-- including Miss Avalon Noelle-- have worn it for their baby blessings, and my wonderful mother has embroidered everyone's names in the hem of it, along with the years they were blessed. It is a treasured heirloom.

I wish Big Daddy could have seen all these little angels dressed up in it.
Thank you, Big Daddy!

Avalon Noelle ~ May 2009


  1. Rachel beautiful family. You are awesome! Thanks for finding me.

  2. Absolutely precious! Really, Racheal, she is beautiful...just like her mommy.

  3. Those photos are absolutely beautiful. What a treasure that dress is -- what a good idea to embroider the names on it, too.

  4. I think she is so cute! I can't believe that dress has held up so beautifully. It is so pretty. I also love that your mom has put all the names on it. What a way to really make it precious to your family.

  5. I love that idea of embroidering the makes each celebration even more special!


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