Friday, May 22, 2009

The Play Is the Thing!

My AWESOME Cast!!!

Our production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" went swimmingly well!!! (*YAY*) I'm soooo proud of all "my kids." Their hard work and concentration really paid off! (And mine, too!) I directed the show, and designed the costumes, and it was WAAAAAAYYY more fun than folks ought to have when they're that busy. But I truly LOVED it. :-)

Here are a few pictures:

Me, with my mouth open, as usual. ("This is ACTING, people!") We had some great rehearsals!

I had the COOLEST Oberon! Aren't his "bodyguards cute-- I mean, terrifying? Oberon's costume was supposed to represent "Fire"...

...and our Titania's represented "Water." (Below is a better shot of her costume.)
Isn't our "Bottom" adorable? He was great! (Played by Preston K.)

(L. to R.) Lysander, played by Matthias McD.; Oberon, played by Ben McD.; Titania, played by Jean B.; and Dave McD., my Stage Manager

Lysander again, who ends up with Hermia (Played by my daughter, Morganne.)
I love how these two costumes match! And yes, they're just acting like they're in love.

As are these two: Demetrius, played by my Brennan, and Helena, played by the wonderful Kristina J.. He's 13, and she's 17. They did such a good job!

The four married women: (clockwise, from the top) Titania, Helena, Hippolyta, and Hermia

I'll post more later, after I get more pictures off my camera. *sniff* I'm really missing it! (Sigh)


    Are they homeschoolers, or was this a community production?
    Just awesome, you did a wonderful job on costumes!

  2. Thanks, Jeannetta!

    This production was put on by my weekly Shakespeare class for homeschooled teens. In the Fall, we study a Shakespeare play (usually a tragedy), and then in the Spring we perform a different Shakespeare play (usually a comedy).

    They are the neatest kids to work with! :-)

  3. Wow, what a lot of work. The costumes look AMAZING!

    By the way, I never really connected that you live in the Phoenix area. We stayed in Peoria this time, but maybe another time we could meet up.


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