Saturday, September 28, 2013

A New Little One

It's a tiny, wee kitten!

Yesterday, our kids came running in the house, telling me that our small cat, Katie Belle, had a kitten. Katie has been grown for a few years, and had lots of male "callers" during that time, but she's never had any kittens. We have just assumed that she is infertile, and not able to carry kittens.

So when the kids INSISTED that there was a new kitten in our backyard, I was pretty skeptical. But when they proclaimed that the kitten was MOVING, I went to check it out.

Our little Katie Belle cat is a good mama.
 Sure enough, there was a tiny, wet thing crawling around in Katie's bed with her. But Katie was really anxious, going in and out of the bed, leaving the kitten alone. I could tell that she didn't like where her bed was, so I grabbed an old towel, and picked up the bed and moved it right next to the house. I put the towel underneath her and the kitten, and moved Katie's food and water right next to her bed.

She is never far from her tiny kitten.
When I touched the kitten, it was very cold, and still wet. That made me worry a bit, but after I moved the bed, Katie settled in and sat right down on top of her new little one! I could tell that she finally felt more secure and could get down to the business of nursing.

We don't know yet whether it's a boy or a girl, but isn't he/she adorable?
We waited for more kitties to come, but there was just the one, sweet little kitty. The kids are over the moon with excitement, and Bonny (Katie's owner) has been very attentive to both their needs.

It's so fun to have a new little one at our house!

Love, Mama Rachel

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