Friday, September 20, 2013

Time Passing

I can't believe that September is almost over!

Usually here in the land of The HEAT, we all wish that September and October would hurry and pass, since it doesn't cool off until Halloween. When everyone else is talking about putting on sweaters and watching leaves change color, we're clinging to the hope that today's temperature will NOT climb over 100 degrees.

But since we'll be doing the happy dance in January and February, no worries...

It's just that amidst all this quick passage of time, my babies get swept up and think that they have license to get bigger.

Oh, no way! 


"Why, Mama?"
It's just not very nice. Not at all.

Pretty soon my little Davy might be as big as this kid:

Brennan helping Eryn be reverent

Pinning the Eagle pin on his mother! Oh, Happy Day!

Okay, we need to see pictures of all the other cute people around here, too...

MacKenna is now 7 going on 16. *gulp*

Avalon with her typical BIG smile!

Ronan caught a big one at the lake by the park!
(And he put it back, too, of course.)

Bonny blowing out 15 candles!

Gavin, even at 13 years old, still loves babies.

Our Snow White (aka Grayse D.) passed out on the floor, again.
(Where's the apple?)

Card Games for FHE with
Lliam, Dierdre, Avalon, Ronan, Gavin, and Grayse

I'll just leave you with this little video of how grown up our Davy is. He's become quite the Little Man.


Love, Mama Rachel


  1. Crazy how time flies! I don't think I've even met little Davy. :-(

  2. Your family is just beautiful. :)

    My little man will be 2 in a few months . . . there's no new baby coming anymore, so I find myself letting him stay a baby.

  3. LOVED all the pictures!!!! And I agree, time does fly.


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