Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Craziness that is Moi

Image by my lovely friend, Misty.

Just FYI, I do know I'm crazy...

For example:

  • I chose to travel 16 hours each way when 8 months pregnant.
  • I decided that packing two family reunions in two different states and a high school reunion in the course of a week would be the most efficient thing to do EVER.
  • I volunteered to make a slide show for the above mentioned 20th class reunion and it ended up being over 30 minutes long.
  • I chose the crazy last week to allow sugar back in my diet after being off of it for an entire year. The heartburn alone is enough to make this crazy pregnant woman think twice-- for once!
  • I still have the second semester of my Shakespeare booklet to finish by next Saturday, the 18th-- and I haven't looked at it in over a week.
  • I have a Shakespeare teacher training scheduled for the 18th-- hence the need for the booklets to be FINISHED.
  • There is a multitude of sewing I was supposed to finish while I was at my mom's. And I didn't. But considering they're maternity clothes and I only have 2 months left in my pregnancy, perhaps they should be sewn sooner rather than later?
  • I still have suitcases to unload, clothes to put away, laundry to do, and floors to mop.
So wouldn't right now be a good time to revamp our chore chart, or move around some furniture???

Of course it's a good time!!!

Because I'm CRAZY...


Mama Rachel


  1. Glad to know I'm not going crazy by myself! It's always fun to have friends along for the ride! :D Hugs sweet Rachel!

    <3 Ranee

  2. Yes, you are. Crazy, I mean...and that's a really HUGE crazy underground garage you've got going on! Take care of yourself, Mama!

  3. So, are you ready for some company?


    It seems that when life is crazy that's when company shows up around here. LOL! Good luck!


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