Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 2012 in Review

Photo taken by Dierdre, age 10.

I've really fallen off the blogging bandwagon the last few weeks, haven't I? But I have been busy making a slide show for my high school class's 20th year reunion, working on my Shakespeare lessons, raising a family, trying to get ready for a big family trip, putting my foot in my mouth, growing a baby, etc., etc., etc..


So I'm taking the wimpy way out today and posting some pictures from our hot July here in the desert. I hope you're having a lovely summer where you live! :-)

Dierdre painting

I've been canning zucchini hot dog relish

Monsoon season calls for dancing in the warm rain!

Gavin loves to wrestle with our dog, Mr. Tumnus

Avalon being her imaginative self

Kids piling on Brennan

The big girls have been creating masterpieces to eat.

Ronan is an expert  at using the vacuum cleaner!

Bonny loves to dress and play with the little girls.

MacKenna is excited to learn to read!

Eryn has wrapped Lliam around her tiny fingers-- she's his  task-master, now!

Grayse was so impressed with "how pretty" this cookie was.

Eryn loved watching the fireworks!

Everyone spends lots of time in the meal-serving lines around here.

I caught Morganne wearing her apron-- ha!

MacKenna says "Goodbye. See you again in August!"


  1. Great family snaps. You will love having those moments caught forever. :)

    I had to laugh at the list..."sticking my foot in my mouth", that is always on my list too! :)

  2. I love these family photos. It's always fun to see other families just bein' at home together. Also, those IKEA shelves with the slide-out bins look very familiar...we have some, too, for our art supplies :-)

    Hope your August is...merry!


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