Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Random Thoughts in Silence

 Saturday morning I attended my third day of training on how to teach the holistic approach of math, science, art, music, farming, etc. called "The Pyramid Project." I learned so much! My perceptions of life and learning have been enhanced and my testimony of Our Creator has been fortified. All things truly testify of Him! Anyway, we got to spend Saturday morning on a short nature walk at a park across from a new LDS temple being built. We had ten minutes to sit and ponder in silence-- which for a chatterbox like me can seem a long time! When we returned to class, we were given another ten minutes to sit down and write about our experience. I thought I'd share what I came up with here. Happy Summer, one and all!
Though it's not easy for me to be silent, I am enjoying the quiet; but I love that it's not too quiet. I hear birds squawking, chirping, bickering. I hear the constant hum of traffic-- and it's comforting, somehow. I hear nieces greeting aunts, sisters laughing. "I love you"-s and "How are you?"-s and "You look beautiful!"

I see purple, greens, browns. Sunshine streaming through dappled leaves. There's water shimmering in the distance, a regal swan blessing the scene with its grace. The swan cared enough for the beauty of the place to come and rest, to float among the ducks. How did it know to come here?

I feel the energy of the huge cranes, moving, building, transporting men and supplies. The giant arms look like they hold puppet strings moving up and down, back and forth. Shaping, guiding; an almost reverent dance.

My eyes and ears are always drawn to the people. Who set up all those colorful balloons in the ramada? Whose birthday is it? The child on the bike, the martial artists in the sun: aren't they HOT?

 When I sat on the damp grass, I immediately became aware of the thousands of busy creatures on the ground next to me. Oops! Was I sitting on their anthill? Ouch. Would I end up carrying stow-aways with me? (I did.) Time to move!

I enjoyed taking some snapshots. Of trees. Of bushes, of people. Angel Moroni looming in the distance.

It's hard for me to be silent, yes. But when I do, I can hear the smiles of God.

I need to do it more often.

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  1. Beautiful! You and really are kindred spirits! I am a chatterbox too! Hee Hee! =D


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