Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Baby #12 Update: June

Head profile (Yeah, kinda hard to see)
I am so, so, sooooo excited to report that we got an ultrasound last night, and we now know what kind of baby we'll be welcoming come October...

Are you ready???

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

And he's a busy little guy! He kept moving like crazy during the ultrasound-- he was beginning to frustrate the technician to no end.

Russell and I decided that we're IN FOR IT!!! 

Then again, I can't stop grinning about having another little buddy to love. :-)

Now I need to FIND, and then go back through my baby boy stuff. (I'm so glad I didn't give it all away, as I almost did a million times!) And I think the girls and I will spend the next few months sewing. Summer is the perfect time for indoor projects 'round these parts!

I'm sharing a couple pictures, but I decided I wouldn't post the most delicate views. My boy may someday come back and read this blog, and I don't want him mad at me!!! 

View from above
I have to explain the second ultrasound picture. This little guy was doing all kinds of moving, twisting, and wiggling. The technician was laughing so hard at all our busy boy's contortions, so he just had to get a picture. In the picture above, it's a view looking down on the baby, his head is on the left, his hands by his head, his left leg is up and across his body. (On the right side of the picture.)

I think he's gonna be very cute. We're all so excited!


  1. Yay! Congrats! Now to see what Irish name you'll pick for the baby.... :)

  2. Thanks, Cocoa! It could also be Welsh, Scottish or Manx, even. It's my husband's turn to pick, so we'll see what happens! (If I got to pick, I'd already have the name decided... I like Emrys Pike K--.)


  3. So excited for you. What a blessing to have a beautiful baby boy to join your family. (I am pretty partial to boys you know! :D)

    In my family all of my sibs and I are named the Gaelic spelling of our names and that is fun. Heritage names are the best!

  4. Too sweet! Congratulations on another little man to join the family! I'm just the opposite, I know where all the boy clothes are as that's all we've had ffor the last 4...LOL.

  5. Yeah!!!! Congratulations! he can marry my little girl, even though she will be a few months older :).

    Oh, and I thought I would not have any more girls, so I did give all my girl clothes away. I have begun scavenging though, and so far haven't spent a penny.

  6. Congratulations!! What exciting news.

  7. I was right! Blue it is....How exciting! You were due for another little man around the house.

  8. So happy for you! A little boy for your big girls to mother! Boys are grand :-D

  9. It took 8 yrs for us to have another boy and boy was big brother excited, lol. (Oh, and I kept my boy baby clothes and was SO GLAD I HAD...one less thing to worry about--buy.)
    So YAY for boys! We are expecting in October. We don't find out, but DH thinks it's a boy and he's never been wrong yet, so we're going with it. I'm partial to the other side of the pond for names, too...we've got 3 scotch/brit names, and one Biblical name...this next will be Biblical, too, me thinks, so we've got a bit of a theme going. Love getting your updates!

  10. That's sooo exciting! Yay for energetic boys! Can't wait to see him!(as im sure you are too!)

  11. Glad your having a boy. We are getting a grandson in October. Can't wait.

    Shelly said she invited you to pageant. Just want you to know that I would seriously love to have you come stay here. Just let me know.

  12. How exciting to get another little guy! So, you take turns picking a name huh? I like that idea. ( : Then I could use some names I really love but my husband won't go for. Like Jemima and Tallulah. Ha!

  13. Thank you for all your kind comments, ladies! I appreciate you reading my little blog. :-)

    Rebecca: I really wish we could come this year, and I sooo appreciate your invitation! Hopefully we can in another year or so. We would love it!

    Holly: I love the names Jemima and Tallulah!!! But, yeah, my husband has always nixed those, too. LOL!


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