Friday, September 23, 2011

Idaho Trip: Take 2

Foolish Carriage from "Cheaper by the Dozen"

This has been  
"The Summer of Driving."

To recap, we traveled to Idaho at the end of June when Russell's Grandma K passed away and ended up staying for about 3 weeks because of our K family reunion in July. It was inspiring and touching!

It was a sixteen hour drive EACH way.

Then, in August, we traveled to Northern CA for our W family reunion. It was wonderful!!!

It was also a sixteen hour drive EACH way.

Next we have the month of September. Russell's Grandpa K. joined his wife in the Spirit World and we drove to Idaho again. It was a touching, yet heartrending, visit. (More on this to come.)

You guessed it-- sixteen hours EACH WAY.

And now, Russell's brother is set to get married. In October. Any guesses on where we'll be?

Okay, don't guess right now. Please.

I'm off to continue unpacking. Why? I have no idea.

Your trucking buddy,


  1. Yes, sixteen hours one way is a LONG way. It only takes 18 to come to see us in Missouri! LOL! Of course, with the number of potty stops you need to make it might be more like 20 hours. If you ever want to truck out this way our humble abode awaits!

    By the way, we'll be in your neck of the desert for Christmas!

    All joking aside, I'm sorry to hear of the deaths in the family. Both of my grandparents died this summer within 10 days of each other and I was not able to go. Thankfully, you were able to attend their funerals.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss but am rejoicing with you in their journey to live with Jesus.

    Welcome to Idaho :)


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