Thursday, March 30, 2006

Flashes of Inspiration-- Part 2

Well, I did it! I have finally finished arranging the hymn I was working on, and it feels great! (Except for the fact that my house is mess because of all the time I've spent working on my music!) We'll see how people react when it is performed tonight at my ward's Relief Society Enrichment Night.

It's an arrangement of "As Sisters in Zion" using three part women's vocals, with violin and piano accompanying. I'll update this post later tonight!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Flashes of Inspiration

I LOVE music!

One of the things that brings me the most joy in this life, is to lift up my voice in song. It is really my bliss, my passion! I have worked on this talent for years and years, and used to perform quite a bit. Now I have retired from the stage in order to hum lullabies. (Hence my alias! ;) ) In my past, I also took piano for more than 10 years, but I did not work on that talent as I should have. I have always hoped to write some music, but my lack of technical skills has always held me back.

Then, last night, as I tried to drift off to sleep, I began thinking about a musical number I volunteered to organize for our Relief Society birthday party. I was asked to put together a group of ladies to sing "As Sisters in Zion," and so I thought I'd just add a couple of notes for harmony, and leave it at that. But then, last night, I couldn't sleep because a beautiful rendition of the song came clearly into my mind and spirit. I can still hear it at this moment.

SO... today I decided to sit at the piano, and give it a try. Something amazing is happening to me. For some reason, I feel that God is in this song-- that He wants me to write it, to contribute this beautiful arrangement to the world. I keep silently asking Him why He hasn't given this song to someone more talented. He just seems to smile and tells me I can do it-- it is mine to share.

I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

I will update my progress. More on this later...

Monday, March 06, 2006

Our ORIGINAL Family Crest

My husband and I have been creating our very own original family crest for YEARS! We finally finished it a few weeks ago, and I just turned it into digital format TODAY!

Our family motto, which will go underneath it when I finish the entire drawing, is
"Dominus Illuminatio Mea" which means, "The Lord is my Light."


The blue background stands for loyalty-- to God, to each other, to the truth.

The white tree represents our family: the roots acknowledge our ancestors, those who came before us; the trunk represents my husband and I and our eternal marriage; the branches represent our children, and the acorns are a manifestation of the the sweet fruit our efforts in raising our children will bear.

The tree is a mighty oak tree, and also signifies the leadership education going on in our home. The growth of the oak may seem slow, but that is because the roots are growing strong and spreading out, deep and wide. When the tree grows to its full height it will withstand all the storms of life.

The battlement division of the top represents our steadfastness through trials and hardship.

The ermine background of the top signifies our noble heritage, as children of God.

The five red losenges (diamond shapes) were taken from the ancient Keppner crest from Germany. Lined up in this manner, they represent noble blood, reminding us to never forget that God is our Father.

"Dominus Illuminatio Mea"