Monday, June 23, 2014

Arizona June

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{Funny Grayse Dawn}
It was a nice, low-key week around here, though it's hot, hot, HOT! (Ah, Arizona in June... *pant-pant*)

On Monday, I went to my 6 week Dr. visit, and was given a hard time about not choosing to use birth control pills. (yay.) That's just one of the effects of making the choice we have made, so I just smile and try to be polite.

Bonny still teaches ballet on Tuesday afternoons, and the girls really LOVE it! She's preparing a patriotic recital this time, and it's fun to hear the music and giggles coming from downstairs during dance classes. :-) She's now teaching 3 age groups, but really could use some more students.

Wednesdays are mutual, of course, and the girls have started volleyball season. It's Dierdre's first year doing it, and she really enjoys it! She went to an extra lesson from the stake on how to serve the volleyball, and her confidence has been growing. She wants to go play at the Ranch House park sometime, but right now, it's just too darn HOT!

On Thursday, we had an S.O.S. (Summer of Service) club meeting scheduled, but only one person showed up. (Conrad Weitzell) The big kids created the club as a way to get together with homeschool friends throughout the summer, but so far, not many have participated. We'll see what happens this week. We are planning to watch "The Ultimate Gift" together, and discuss it afterwards.

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Bonny with her friends from our old ward.

This week, we found out that the S--- family, from our last ward, is moving up to Utah. And so, they had a BIG going-away party the other night, and we went! Bonny was thrilled to see her old friends! Unfortunately, Lliam's friends weren't there, but he did get to hang out with J--- a bit. I sat and talked with the D---s for most of the evening, and it was great to hear about them and their missionaries.

We spent Saturday working on the house and yard, and vegging a bit. The little kids already have cabin fever, and we're wishing we could let them outside, but alas! Too hot. I really need to find some fun activities and crafts they can do INSIDE. (Because making messes might be fun, but it makes Mama grumpy...)

Our Davy has decided to behave like a 2 year old, and is into EVERYTHING. He is following the Keppner tradition of being a busy toddler, and keeps us hopping. His favorite new thing is to take off his diaper, poopy or not (sound familiar?), and we're trying to help him change his nudist ways. :-p It's a good thing that boy is so adorable!

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Our Davy, sporting a mohawk, thanks to his big sister.

Miss Fiona has just started SMILING, and has a wide, gorgeous grin. One of these days, we'll catch it on camera. We got her a baby swing this week, and she LOVES it! She has a little bit of a temper (surprise!), but the swing is helping her stop screaming when she's colicky. We are ALL enjoying the swing, as a result. :-)

(I usually am not a fan of baby swings, preferring to hold my babies most of the time. HOWEVER, Miss Fiona seems to sometimes just like to NOT be held, and so, we're going with that. It's funny how each child is different!)

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Fiona, happy in her new swing.

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Fiona being Gavin's "Shoulder Angel"
Have a wonderful week!

Love, Mama Rachel

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  1. Doctors! You would think after you've had more five children they would simply stop asking about birth control. I've had some who were more or less polite. My current doctor, who we moved to when I was pregnant with Mason who has spina bifida (from my midwife) is one who is supportive of our decision to accept any children God sends our way.

    Enjoy your summer!


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