Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My Russell's tomatoes

Hello out there!!!

Yes, it's been a while. The Shakespeare play coincided with our van dying, Mormon PROM, gardening, trying to get missionary stuff done, and now a move.

YES. We are moving!!!

Not too far, but to a new stake and ward and neighborhood. In fact, we are moving into a BIGGER house with a basement (a rarity here in AZ!) in the neighborhood where we meet with our homeschool group each week. YAY!!!

But we have to move out of our awesome ward and out of our awesome landlord's house. BOO!

In the end the lure of another bathroom, the basement, and less driving for us each week won us over.

Let the packing commence!!!

Nineteen and ready to serve!
In other news, our beautiful oldest daughter was evaluated and officially diagnosed with Autism. And as a result, our bishop and stake president decided that a service mission would be best for her. After discussion, prayer, and asking for permission, she will be serving in the little town I grew up in while living with my parents. Isn't that so cool?! She gets to have some time to just be a missionary, almost on her own, and my mom gets a cute and sweet roommate. She will be serving in the Humanitarian center in I.F. with my aunt and uncle, as well as my mom and Grandma. She'll be close to Russell's family, and can see them often. Win all around!!!

Isn't Heavenly Father so smart?!

Okay, now for some pictures from Mormon Prom! (I'll add Shakespeare play pictures soon.)

Brennan and Valarie

Lliam and Lizzie (Yes, they went "Steam Punk")

Be back soon with pictures from the play!


Mama Rachel