Friday, November 29, 2013

A Thanksgiving Birthday

Sweet Dierdre Marie at 7 months old

Twelve years ago, in a small-town hospital surrounded by a swirling blizzard, we welcomed a sweet blond angel to our family circle.

While I was sure we were expecting a baby boy (we wanted to be surprised!), Pa Williams kept telling me throughout my pregnancy that the baby that was coming was a girl. I never believed him! We had only a boy's name picked out, and I had washed only the baby boy clothes. It was so fun to call Granna and Pa on that wintry night and tell them that Pa had known it all along!

What a wonderful blessing she has always been to our family!

Now she is a beautiful twelve-year-old young lady!

Our Dierdre is so helpful and kind to all her younger siblings! She is always willing to do whatever is asked of her, and she is usually careful to include the little ones in her adventures. 

Dierdre loves to sew and has made her own pioneer bonnet, skirt, and apron in her weekly class that's part of our homeschool group. She's also started going through my mending box, which has been amazing! She is proving to be a great seamstress like many of the women that have come before her. (Too many to mention!)

In a silk gown from Granna, and a headband from Morganne.
(Thanks, you guys!)

Dierdre is great at doing her chores and keeps her room very clean. She is quiet and gentle, but can also be goofy and fun! She is thrilled to be entering the Young Women's program at church, and was tickled that the girls in her class gave our house a "Heart Attack" in honor of her birthday.

Just a few of the hearts from the "Heart Attack."

Twelve years ago, we were grateful that we were sent a new angel less than a week after Thanksgiving Day. And today, we are so thankful that she has grown into a lovely young lady that blesses us every day!

She liked getting new earrings and her own sewing supplies.
(Thanks for the earrings, Morganne!)

And now, for more Thanksgiving photos from our celebration yesterday:

Bonny setting and decorating the table

Lliam and Dad busy in the kitchen.
(Yes, we put bacon on our turkeys. YUM!)

Little girls waiting patiently for the prayer

My view at the table

Russell's view at the table (minus Davy in his chair)
I am so grateful for ALL the many blessings the Lord has given to me and to our family! We have so very much to be thankful for. I hope all my readers had a lovely Thanksgiving, too. 

Love, Mama Rachel

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