Monday, October 07, 2013

New Favorite Things

These last weeks or so have been uneventful, but somehow delightful!

Maybe it's that I have been "unplugged" from social media (Okay, but not Pinterest. I've been there lots and lots. And I'm not sorry.) and so I haven't had my blood pressure go up from all the political happenings going on in DC. (Okay, I promise not to go there. I want to maintain my peaceful feelings...)

Maybe it's that the kids and I have a week off from seminary and our homeschool classes-- I'm looking forward to less demands on my time this week!

One reason I know for certain, is that we had LDS General Conference this last weekend, and that ALWAYS makes me feel happy and peaceful!

Whatever the reason, I am smiling this morning, thinking about all the things that have brought me joy this week.

General Conference

As I said above, very few things bring more joy than the messages and promptings I receive on LDS Conference weekend. The fruits of listening include a peaceful feeling, more patience with my kids and others, more inspiration on what to do long term as well as each day, more resolve to do the right thing, more love for everyone!

I cannot recommend anything more than listening to or watching LDS General Conference. You can view one talk at a time, or watch as much as you can in one sitting. I LOVE that the Church posts all the talks in their entirety online as soon as the live sessions are over! Come and see! You WILL be uplifted and inspired! 

Uplifting Music

I have some new favorite music! 

Many LDS members are fans of Brigham Young University Men's Chorus, but what made me an even bigger fan, is that they are giving away a whole album FREE! It's called "Set Apart," and it has some of the most beautiful arrangements I've ever heard. The BYU Men's Chorus outdid themselves this time! My favorite song on the whole album is called "I Love the Lord." I like to sit in front of my speakers and soak it up whenever that song comes on!

Another wonderful offering is FREE music for Youth on the Church's website. Much of it is from EFY albums, and all of it brings the Spirit into our home when we listen to it. My favorite artists found on the list are Stephanie Mabey, Mindy Gledhill, and Hilary Weeks. Did I mention you can download the songs for FREE? Love it!!!

Truly GOOD Movies

This weekend, my kids and I discovered a new family favorite while my husband and sons were off attending the Priesthood session of Conference.

I can't say enough good about this movie! Not only was it beautifully made and acted, it has some of the most wonderful themes about the importance of generational families and family history that I've ever seen!!!

I cried. And jumped! And laughed. And grinned-- A LOT.

If you have a Netflix account, may I suggest that you follow the link and go watch this movie with your family ASAP??? (It's on "Watch Instantly" or whatever they call it now.) It will facilitate great discussions about right and wrong, forgiveness, family history, justice and mercy, what happens after death, and the Spirit World. 

(NOTE: There are a couple of scary moments, but they do not bring any kind of bad feelings or real fear. Even my small children were not really frightened. We jumped at two places in the movie, but those parts are quickly resolved.)

The Gilbert Temple

I live only two miles from this beautiful place. I see it practically every time I leave my house. I can't wait until it's done!!!

But, no word yet on when it will be finished so that we can go IN.

Like waiting for my boy's mission call, I just have to be patient. But I am sooo excited!!!

Have another lovely week!

Love, Mama Rachel

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Especially thanks for sharing the music. It's making my house here feel more like a home and helping me keep a little more of an eternal perspective. :)


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