Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wonderful Online Classes for Moms!

Dear Friends,

There is still time to register for some wonderful online parenting workshops coming up that are taught by my amazing, inspiring friend, Angela Baker. I have attended many of Angie's classes over the years, and they have really enriched my life!

What's even better, is these ladies are only charging a minimal price to cover the cost of the online classroom. The cost for ALL FOUR workshops is $35 TOTAL!!! What a blessing!

These four wonderful workshops are starting next week. They are specifically for the homeschooling parent, but the material could be applied to any parent since we all teach our children. Won't you join us? :-)

The topics and dates will be:

February 25th- Achieving Quality Through Simplicity
March 25th- How to Be a Great Parent Mentor
April 15th- Christ-Like Parenting
May 13th- The Importance of Play

All workshops are on Mondays from 12:00-1:15 pm, BUT the classes will be recorded so that you can listen them whenever it's convenient for YOU!

To learn more and register, go to the

You can also email our great organizer, Cathy, with your questions at

Have a great day!

Mama Rachel

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