Thursday, January 17, 2013

Our Tough-Girl Eryn

Eryn, showing us her tooth in her special  "toot" (tooth) box.

Our poor Miss Eryn had a run-in with the granite countertop at the end of last week, and so we ended up in the dentist's office on Monday morning. At first, we thought her tooth was only chipped, but on closer inspection, we found that it had split right down the middle. When our awesome dentist (our former bishop in another ward) took a look, he said it definitely had to come out.


But, because he's so awesome, it went quickly and not too painfully for our little sweetheart. I got to hold her the whole time, and he and his wonderful staff did all they could to make her comfortable.

If you look closely at the picture above, you may notice that her right eye has a little bruise on her eyelid. That was from her running into the table edge.


For such a sweet and gentle soul, she sure is strong! We are so grateful for her and for those that can help when life gets "tough."

Love, Mama Rachel

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  1. When Christian was 18 months he was running with a Matchbox car in his mouth. The minute I say, "Stop running with that in your mouth," he slams into the floor and chips the front of his tooth off. No joke, the whole front of the tooth popped off and the back was there, split in half. The dentist decided there was enough tooth there to make a filling. Amazingly enough it lasted until the tooth came out 4 years later.

    At least she gets to have the tooth fairy come visit. :)


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