Monday, November 14, 2011

October Journey: Part Two

Russell and Miss Eryn
We had a WONDERFUL time in Idaho last month! Karl and Kenzie's wedding was so sweet, so lovely. It is a tender, beautiful thing to be at a family member's temple ceremony-- the Spirit radiates through the couple, and all around the room. Such a sacred event!

The adorable, happy couple!
Sonja's next!!!

Sonja is marrying the kind and handsome Isaac in January, and we're so excited for her! They'll be sealed in the beautiful Rexburg temple.

Granna and some of our pretty girls

(L. to R.) Isaac & Sonja, Karen & Nick, Reed & Julie (with new baby Allie!)
Two day old Miss Allie Mae and her gorgeous mama

Kitchen Duty

I had a great time helping to set out all the yummy sweet breads my mother-in-love Diana made and the pressed apple cider my father-in-love Randy made for the refreshments. The smell was HEAVENLY! (And I was good and didn't eat ANY! Still off sugar, yup.)

Miss Abby did an AWESOME job helping me! She is a wonderfully hard worker, just like her pretty mama.

Adorable Miss Abby

The real troopers were Debbie, Clay, and Miss Tyler, who slaved away in the kitchen practically all day! First for the family luncheon (and so did the amazing Karen and Nick!), and then before and during the entire reception. They are such a wonderful family! We sure love them!

Aunt Linda talking with Debbie, as Clay watches the reception fun. (Oh, and Avalon looking for more yummy bread.)

My handsome big boys!
Gavin and the garter!

The funniest part of the night was when Gavin joined in the crowd to vie for the garter-- and then HE caught it! Everyone was laughing! Then Gavin brought it back to us, holding it like it was a dirty rag or something, and asked "Now what do I do with it???" Hee! That made us laugh even more! :-D

Dancing with the Princess Bride

Our little cousin,  Miss Macie, LOVES brides! She was so excited to dance with the lovely bride, and so MacKenna followed along. At first MacKenna was dancing with Karl (her FAVORITE!), but then she decided the Bride was funner to dance with. (Sorry, Karl!)

Avalon joined in.

Cake by the very talented Mandy! (I got to help a bit, too. So fun!)

I loved seeing Miss Macie holding her new little sister, "Owie." (Allie) What a sweet moment!
(I wish I were a better photographer...)

We had a wonderful few days, but then we rushed back and traveled home without a hiccup! (Thank goodness!!!)

And here's two last pictures to show how beautifully Grayse is healing!

Still smiling!

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mama!"


  1. Such sweet moments......I am sorry we missed it or a funeral....I'll know where to come too when my little and not so little ones start tying the knot! Oh my what a thought!!!

  2. Rachel, I'm so excited for you to get to direct Fiddler on the Roof. That sounds like so much fun, and so much work! Thanks for all your kind words and your wonderful example! Love you!

  3. Nice wedding pics! It's been a while since I've been to a wedding...waiting for some people to get married I guess!

    Grayse is healing well! The doc did a great job. She is beautiful as always.


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