Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A New-Old Chapter

"Twelfth Night" 2008

 Since we moved back to Arizona, I have felt a little bit adrift in the homeschooling community. I came back home to find that many of my homeschooling friends had moved away or moved on. I sure miss those that have moved away, but I understand that life goes on and things are bound to change with time.

"A Midsummer Night's Dream" 2009

So I got together with some that were still in the Valley, though more spread out in recent years. We created a wonderful little Commonwealth School, and met once a week in my home. We had classes on the Constitution and Shakespeare. We put on a fun play by the Bard. We laughed and talked and commiserated. Community!

"A Comedy of Errors" 2011
Then this past summer, I did NOT feel good about teaching Shakespeare this year. I was puzzled, but figured I would enjoy the break. I decided to have faith that the Lord must know some things about this next Spring that I didn't know.

Our little group moved to a more central location, at the home of my wonderful friend who is teaching a Civil War class to a few of the kids who were in our group last year. It is such a wonderful thing for our kids, and we so appreciate this amazing lady and all she's doing! But we mothers don't get to talk much any more. We're all in a rush, and have other things in our lives to do. Our little community just isn't what it used to be.

Life waltzed in again, and a new season is in full swing.

So. I recently got an e-mail from the chairwoman-- who is also a dear friend-- of the "other" Commonwealth School in the Valley. It's a BIG, active community with lots going on, and they have been planning for quite some time to put on a musical production next Spring. BUT, due to life changes in their own community, they no longer had a director.

Any guesses on what the e-mail was about?

Yes, you are "looking at" the new director of "Fiddler on the Roof" being produced next May!

I was kindly invited to the group's board meeting yesterday to talk about the show and my vision for it. As the ladies walked in, one after another, warmth filled my heart. HERE they were!!! The community I once knew before we left the state surrounded me. It was such a great feeling, and ended up being a wonderful reunion for me!

It's good to be back among some more great families. And I can't wait to get going on the show!

Mazel tov!


  1. Oh how fun!! And probably my favorite musical too. Enjoy it. (I know you will and I wish I was there to enjoy it too.)

    Mazel tov!

  2. I'm so glad you have the shift that you needed. It is so nice to hear that things are going well there with the homeschool community. I miss you all and wish we could be part of it!

  3. I SO understand that feeling! Have a wonderful time!

  4. I love and miss all three of you awesome ladies!!! *muah!*


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