Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Breath of Autumn

October Sky-- Photo taken by Morganne
After a WONDERFUL LDS General Conference early in the month, the heat has (mostly) subsided, the windows have been flung wide, my children are frolicking outside, and we've been planting some things in our Fall garden.

"Spooky" pancakes created and photographed by Bonny
 Autumn here in the desert is like taking a big, deep breath! The breezes are cooler and flocks of birds are returning. It was so lovely to start off the month with a spiritual feast!

Every six months (in April and October), the leadership of the LDS Church hold a BIG conference that they broadcast in LDS meeting houses all over the world, as well as over the Internet. We hear from various Church leaders, especially from the current prophet, and the Twelve Apostles of the Church. As members, we believe that these men are living witnesses and representatives of Christ on the earth-- so we REALLY value and treasure what the Lord inspires them to say to us!

These conferences are held on the first Saturday and Sunday each October and April. We do not attend church on these weekends. Instead, we gather together as a family and listen to the inspiring words prepared for us.

Ronan and Gavin listening for topics on their lists.

Thanks to Cocoa over at Chocolate on My Cranium, we had some great activities to help the kids have a better Conference experience.

Lliam being camera shy.

Dierdre is happy to experience conference!

Lovely Morganne took careful notes.

Bonny was drawing during the talks.

Grayse's chart

Even Mr. Tumnus joined in! (The image on the screen is the current prophet, Thomas S. Monson.)

Brennan and Eryn

In other news, we have a new arrival at our house-- but it's not a baby, or even an animal. It was an AWESOME deal on Craig's List!

$150 from Craig's List. Oh, yeah.
 With our other loveseat, we now have room to seat everyone in our "Celestial Room", where we have family scriptures and prayer. (It makes me just giddy to even think about it!)

We are loving it!
It has been such a wonderful thing for our family! It was a tender mercy that I wasn't even really looking for, but simply had in the back of my mind. It is a small, but happy, testament that Heavenly Father knows and cares about our little needs, as well as our big ones. Our front room finally feels like "The Celestial Room" we've needed!

I think the youngest ones at our house have spent every waking moment they can outside. It makes me smile to see them climbing all over the grapefruit tree in our backyard. I can almost feel the tree smiling, himself.

MacKenna is up the highest, Grayse is hugging Mr. Grapefruit Tree, and Avalon is grinning from ear to ear. (All these outdoor pictures of the little girls were taken by my Dierdre.)

The Three Princesses

MacKenna looking uncharacteristically placid.

Gorgeous Grayse Dawn

 The Amazing Avalon

Silly girl! (Moments before "The Accident.")

Amidst all this playing outside, our little-getting-bigger-every-day Miss Eryn is doing her best to navigate the wild and rough outdoors.

Unfortunately, she had to learn the hard way not to stand behind someone who is swinging...

"Did YOU do this to me?"
 She has yet to slow down simply because of a little scrape under the nose, however. No sir!

The rule is "No feet upon the new couch!" I don't know if Miss Eryn heard about that...

Miss Katie Bell is glad the heat has subsided. Prrrr!

Mr. Tumnus is ready to play anywhere, anytime!

We will continue to soak up the October sunshine and gorgeous weather until we head up to the Frozen North for a wonderful wedding soon. 

We are so excited for Karl and Kenzie! It will be wonderful for Russell and I to attend their sealing in the Idaho Falls temple.

Now is the time for laundry and packing, but more pictures will be coming in the very near future...

HAPPY AUTUMN, to one and all!!!

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  1. I love it that you can be cooler now! I also love the new couch in your "Celestial Room". We miss having a sectional couch...I'm ready to find a new one.

    We also spent a fabulous weekend with General Conference early this month. We had fabulous speakers and took lots of notes too.


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