Monday, January 03, 2011

Scrambled Thoughts

Miss Eryn is sick. She finally got the Monster-Icky-Cough-and-Cold nastiness that's been passed around our family since early December.

Sleep is elusive; for her, and her Daddy, and her mommie.

She's been experiencing all kinds of new adventures...
  • Hot steam from the shower to clear out the ickies.
  • Cold air from outside at 3am-- also to clear out the ickies.
  • Wheezing.
  • Laryngitis. All her squeals have been replaced with hoarse squeaks. (Doesn't seem to bother her a bit!)
Miss Eryn's moods move between sleepiness, crankiness, hyperactivity, and serenity.

Mommie likes the serenity one.

We're hoping that's the one she picks, come bedtime...


  1. Poor little :( She looks so sweet, sucking on those middle fingers. James has started to get real interest in sucking on his hand. I sure hope she gets feeling better soon, so you ALL can get a good night's rest!

  2. Aww, it's no fun when the littlest ones are sick! Praying she makes a swift recovery and that everyone gets some sleep. I was up with a happy baby from 4AM to 6AM this morning...LOL. Caleb was happy, just wanted some company for his night time. I'm sure I'll be feeling it by midafternoon!

  3. Poor baby! I hate it when little ones have bad coughs and colds. There is not much we can do for them. I hope she gets better quick!


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