Monday, January 10, 2011

New Family Pictures

Can you believe everyone is looking pleasantly at the camera?!

We have a wonderful friend, Jill Rich, who also happens to be a VERY talented photographer. (Check out her other work here: )

She gave us a great deal on a family photo shoot, and since we haven't had a FULL family picture since before Avalon was born (2008), we decided that we wanted Family Pictures for our family Christmas present. We had a great day shooting on the Mesa Arizona temple grounds.

(Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Here are just the girls:

Morganne is 17, Bonny is 12, Dierdre is 9, MacKenna is 5, Grayse is 3, Avalon is 2, and Eryn is 6 months

And just the boys:

Brennan is 15, Lliam is 14, Gavin is 10, and Ronan is 7

And here are ALL the kids, in RANDOM order:

Lovely Morganne

Little Miss Avalon

Miss Grayse Dawn

The bubbly MacKenna

Mr. Ronan

Beautiful Didi

Charming Gavin-a-tor

Gorgeous Bon-bon (Bonny)

Heart-breaker Lliam

Handsome Brennan

Adorable Eryn

I couldn't think of any other place we wanted to have our family pictures taken than at the beautiful temple grounds.

Here are the rest of these fun photos:

I love this man so much!

Still in love after 18 years

36 years... young?

Our Eternal Goal...

Together Forever!


  1. Rachel, they are GORGEOUS! I love the one of you-all looking towards the temple--THAT is the one I'd put on my wall!
    BTW, I can totally relate to your previous post as my little one is sick with the exact same thing--no fun.

  2. Oh these are fabulous! Your family looks so great. You guys look great in red. I can't get everyone in read since it clashes with Nayna's hair. Lovely!

  3. Lovely photos. You are positively glowing in them -- your family is beautiful.

  4. These are fabulous! You have a beautiful family :)

  5. Oh Rachel, what a beautiful family!! That is what life is all about. An Awesome family!

  6. Thanks, Tylynn! I hope all is well with you and your adorable boys! :-)

  7. Beautiful family!! You are very blessed!!

  8. What a great looking family! Thank you for sharing them with us! : )


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