Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Decorating Bug

I love making my home beautiful!

I'm not as focused on decorating my home as some other ladies I know, but I do still catch the decorating bug now and then. Usually, when the seasons change, or as my life and ideas change, I want to re-vamp one or more rooms.

 Right now, my dark living room is totally dragging me down, man! So I'm hoping to brighten things up a bit. I  replaced (well, okay-- my husband and big boys moved them!) my dark couches with the lighter ones that have been residing in my family room. I'm planning on making or buying a white slipcover for the smaller, darker loveseat, and I'm going to re-cover all the pillows on both couches.

I'm also going to take down my heavy, dark curtains, and replace them with white ones I'm going to make out of a battenberg lace bed skirt I have that no one is using.

 I took out the dark baskets and other accessories I've had in the room, but my black bookcases and dark piano will remain in the room. I think the black accents will still look nice with all the white I've got planned.

And, hopefully, our landlord will let us paint the room a very light yellow. But don't worry, I'll ASK before I do anything that drastic! ;-)

I'm so excited to share this process with you! I'll post more pictures as I change things.

Happy Autumn!!!


  1. Nice! I think the black accents will look perfect. I also have been doing some decorating. They won't let us paint, but I'm happy with some of the other changes.

  2. You have a very beautiful house! Looks very calming to me. Wish I could catch the decor bug. I lack the ability to decorate a room.


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