Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fun Summer Stuff

We recently celebrated the birth of this person, Child Number Three. (Mister Lliam!)

He's excited that he's now reached the ripe, old age of 14.

Lliam may be thirteen months younger than his older brother, but they are now the same height. Wow... (Another thing he has in common with his brother, is an allergy to getting his photo snapped. Sorry, son!)

He had a great birthday, I think. But what on earth happened to his cake, you ask?!

One word: 

It begins with a "Gr--", and ends with a "ayse".

We improvised on the design by sacrificing an innocent Army Dude-- all in the name of "Birthday Cake Art".

("Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" quoth he...)

In other news, we all celebrated the arrival of one of our favorite persons on the planet...

"Helloooooo, Granna!!!"

The weather gave her some wonderful rain as a welcoming gift, and much fun was had by all!

(Here in the desert, we get real excited about moisture.)

Grayse was going the cautious route.

Morganne found a clever way to stay dry.

 Miss Ava charged outside without fear!

"Look, Granna! It's wet!"

Brennan-Man's plan went awry, somehow... (Darn growth-spurts!)

 The Little Girls are happy to be outside again!

This child is SOAKED...

Granna's not afraid of a little rain!

 What a face...

(Sheepishly soaked...)

 What a great smile-- she must not be too wet!

 'Round these parts, a good rain storm is the cure for cabin fever.



  1. What fun to see all the kids wet and wild. Chris laughed when he saw the too-short hoodie...we have that same problem. Lliam and Chris have the same allergy to cameras. LOL! Enjoy the rain while it lasts.

  2. Adorable children! Looks like a day in the rain was just what was needed. How fun that Granna got to play too :)

  3. Wow! the gene pool is definitely in your favor what beautiful and handsome children. Can your baby really be that big? I thought for sure she was still a newborn!?

  4. Yay for rain. And I love the cake, definitely looks like an "on purpose" mistake. I think Brennan's picture made me laugh the most, lol.

  5. Oh, Rachel! This post brought tears to my eyes. I love seeing the kids so happy and your mom with you! What a precious time together! You're so lucky to have "granna" and we're so lucky to have "Aunt Vicki"! Everyone loves your mom - you're so blessed. We love you and miss you!


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