Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sweet Distractions...

The cheeks... Oh, the cheeks!

I'm sorry-- I've been terrible about updating my blog lately! My excuse is that I don't like typing one-handed, and since I've usually got my wee-new-one in my arms, I haven't done much typing-- at all! There's even e-mail messages I'm not getting to these days... *sigh*

First on-camera smiles! (Captured by big brother, Gavin.)

Anyhoo, here's some of the latest pictures of our latest sweet distractions. Eryn has begun smiling *melt*, cooing, and getting a little rounder and stronger. We're sure loving her! Avalon is getting bigger and more independent/mischievous. Oh, and Brennan turned 15, and Ronan turned 7. (Summers are loaded with birthdays 'round these parts!) And everyone is doing their best not to go stir crazy with summer cabin fever. (110 degrees yesterday!)

My baby boy is now seven!

And THIS baby boy is now FIFTEEN! (Stop my heart!)

Being three years old is sometimes quite distressing for Miss Grayse Dawn.

Gavin just adores babies!

So does Lliam...

Miss Mischief, herself...

But she is such a joy!

Beautiful Bonny-- Is that redundant?

Di-Di, ready for church

Morganne thinks mom is silly. (No more pictures, PLEASE?!)

Where we live, we sometimes get some glorious thunderstorms with lightning shows in July, and the kids have a ball going out and dancing in the warm rain. Below are pictures of them getting drenched one day in our backyard. Lots of fun!

I love this shot of Lliam!


Mr. B says that the rain is A-ok!
(Can you believe this tall person is my CHILD?!)

(Sorry for the poor quality-- I never claimed to be a photographer!)

MacKenna just wants to stay on the porch, where it's dry.

We are loving and missing all of our dear families! I hope the remainder of your summer is wonderful. XXXOOO

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