Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Name 2.0

You know, even big, successful software companies get things wrong now and then...


So it shouldn't surprise anyone that I get things wrong once in a while...


Okay, so we had a beautiful new baby girl, and we gave her a beautiful new name.

We tried it out for a few days.

And then we tried calling our sweet baby by her middle name. (Millie, for short...)

And now we've decided that while her beautiful middle name will DEFINITELY stay...

She needs a new first name.


Are any of you who know us surprised?!

I thought not.

(Remember the whole Gavin/Logan debacle?)

So, just to be clear...

Our baby girl's name is no longer UNA MILDRED. (We still LOVE it, but it just isn't "sticking...")

She's getting her daddy's FAVORITE little girl name of all time:

Eryn Mildred

Are you more confused than ever now?

Sorry. But we think this new name version will be much more functional for this baby's needs.


We love you all! :-)


  1. So are you going to call her Eryn, or Milli?

    She sure is a beautiful baby! Congratulations!


  2. I love her new name- it is a little more feminine.

  3. She is so Beautiful! What an Elegant way to spell her new name, I Love it! :)


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